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Baptism and confirmation at St Michael's

IT IS A WONDERFUL JOY AND PRIVILEGE to welcome children and adults into the Christian family through baptism and, as their faith and relationship with Jesus deepens, to see them later confirm their commitment through confirmation.

What is Baptism?

In the New Testament, we read about adults becoming Christians and being baptised by the church. Long ago, this was a very risky thing to do. By being ‘marked for Christ’ they put themselves in danger of punishment by those who wanted to see Christianity stamped out. Baptism marked people as standing out, as being different, because they had chosen to follow Jesus Christ in all areas of their lives.

Before long, adult Christians brought their children for baptism into the family of the Church. This pattern has continued. Since small children are too young to make any declaration of faith, parents and godparents stand before the church to declare the faith that they hold and to promise they will bring up the children in that faith.

The promises and declarations form as much of the ceremony of baptism as the moments when the minister marks the sign of the cross on the children’s foreheads, sprinkles them with water from the font and baptises them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

If you live in the Parish of St Michael, you are entitled to bring your child to baptism at our church. But for all the reasons given above, preparation involves more than booking a convenient date.

Please click HERE to get in touch with the Vicar and she will talk with you about what preparation may be needed.

What is Confirmation

Over time, our awareness of God and our relationship with him often deepens and grows. Perhaps as you reflect on your life, you might feel a strengthening of your relationship with God and a feeling that he is leading you on.

Confirmation involves a blessing and laying on of hands by our Bishop who will pray God's confirmation of your calling as a disciple of Christ.

At St Michael's, there are two main routes towards Confirmation:

For those in Year 7-12 at school we hold a special course on Sunday afternoons about two months before the confirmation service. These are interactive sessions and allow young people to bring their special interests and issues. Joining the course doesn't mean you have to be confirmed. It's okay to just check it out and make a decision later.

For adults, the preparation for confirmation is tailored to suit you and your situation. It might involve joining a short three week course on Wednesday evenings a couple of months before the confirmation service.

When can I get Confirmed?

Our next Confirmation service will be held on Sunday 19 November 2023. This will be a wonderful opportunity for young people and adults to make their public declaration of faith in Jesus. It will be a wonderful celebration!
If you would like to be considered for confirmation on this occasion, please contact Rev Martine Oborne.

E mail Rev Martine Oborne to find out more: HERE