Midweek services
Morning Prayer 9.00-9.30am on Mondays-Saturdays.
Download the Daily Prayer App on your phone and join us via the link here

Evening Prayer 6.00-6.30pm every day Sundays-Saturdays. Use your Daily Prayer App and join us via this link here

Bible Reading Groups
We have three Bible Reading Groups to which everyone is welcome.

Mondays 10.00-11.30am. This is a new group meeting for the first time on 20th September. It will meet at Lesley's house in Elmwood Road and will be reading and discussing passages from Matthew's gospel. There will be refreshments afterwards that you can stay on for, if you would like to.

Please email Lesley if you would like to join this group.

Tuesdays from 10.00-11.30am. Find a Bible to read from (you can use the Bible+ NRSV App on your phone) and join us online here.
The next gathering will be on 12 October 2021

We also have a Bible Reading Group meeting on Wednesday evenings from 8-9.30pm. Join us online here.
The next gathering will be on 6 October 2021

Holy Communion
Join us for a short in person Communion service in Church at midday on Wednesdays
Covid safety arrangements in place.

Join us online for 30 minutes of quiet Christian meditation every Wednesday from 7.15-7.45pm. Click here to join us on Zoom.