Midweek services
Morning Prayer 9.00-9.30am on Mondays-Saturdays.
Download the Daily Prayer App on your phone and join us via the link here

Evening Prayer 6.00-6.30pm every day Sundays-Saturdays. Use your Daily Prayer App and join us via this link here

Bible Reading Groups
We have a Bible Reading Group on Tuesdays from 10.00-11.30am. Find a Bible to read from (you can use the Bible+ NRSV App on your phone) and join us online here.

We also have a Bible Reading Group meeting on Wednesday evenings from 8-9.30pm. Join us online here.

Holy Communion
Join us for a short in person Communion service in Church at midday on Wednesdays
Covid safety arrangements in place.

Join us online for 30 minutes of quiet Christian meditation every Wednesday from 7.15-7.45pm. Click here to join us on Zoom.