Our children are at the heart of our community at St. Michael's and we look to include them in everything we do.

How does a child join Children's Church?
On a child's first visit to a group parents / guardians will be given a registration form to complete, which will include details of any allergies your child might have.

For more information about our Children's work, contact Sonia Cromey

Here are a couple of photos showing some of our Children's Church activities....

This is a Remembrance Peace Dove that our children made on Remembrance Sunday


The Band and the Choir
If your child is over 7yrs, he or she might want to join the Band or the Choir. Please contact our Worship & Mission Minister, Hansol Kim about the Band and Sally Floyer about the Choir.

Hansol gives free guitar lessons to children who would like to join the Band. The Choir teaches children to read music and work for their Royal School of Church Music ribbons (awards), if they want to.

Being a member of an all age Band or an all age Choir also helps children build good transferrable skills like teamwork, responsibility and literacy.

Charity and Community Events
Children and young people at St Michael's regularly help with fundraising for charities such as The Children's Society. Events include a Christingle Advent service and a Shrove Tuesday Community Pancake Party.
For more information about our Charity and Community events, contact the Vicar Martine

Babies and young children
We are a family at St Michael's and we totally understand that some family members need to make noise and move around more than others. We are very relaxed about this, so there is no need to be concerned. There is an aisle in Church with sofas and toys which you are welcome to use with your child.

Alphabeats is back! Our baby and toddlers group meet on Wednesdays from 9.30-11am with lots of toys and tea.
For more information about Alphabeats, contact our Churchwarden Sue White

Youth Club Older children are also very welcome to join our Youth Club.