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Sunday Services & Sermons

All of our Sunday Services are live-streamed and available to view on our YouTube channel. If you'd like to see what our services are like or listen to sermons click here.

We also have a few specific sermon series (click on the links below):

The Lord's Prayer - Revd Gary Piper

  1. Our Father
  2. The Kingdom
  3. Daily Bread
  4. Forgiven and Challenged

The Book of Daniel - Revd Martine Oborne

  1. Daniel and the "smashing hope" of rock
  2. The national idol
  3. Super beast and the son
  4. So righteous
  5. Resurrection hope

Jonah - Revd Martine Oborne

  1. Running from your life
  2. Sleepwalking to disaster!
  3. A severe mercy
  4. Thrones and ashes
  5. When God loves your enemies

Pentecost is not just the start of the Church .... - Revd Martine Oborne

Knowing Jesus prays for you and living up to his prayers - Revd Martine Oborne