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Grow your Faith

There are many ways in which we can grow in our faith, whether we have been Christians for 0 years or 99 years! Here are some ways to help us explore and go deeper in our walk with Jesus:

2024 Bible Project series of podcasts on the Sermon on the Mount
Listen to this excellent series here.

ALPHA - We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore Christianity, ask questions and share their point of view about faith. Alpha is a chance to ask questions and explore the Christian faith in a fun, no-pressure environment. Alpha takes place across eleven sessions with the option of a day away in the middle. Click here for more details.

BEING WITH Course - This course is an introduction to Christianity with a difference. At its heart is the idea that God's greatest desire is to be with us in Jesus. Grounded in the conviction that we already have a wealth of understanding of truth, beauty and goodness that signify God's presence in our lives and every day experiences, it aims to enable participants to discover dimensions of this presence and to live abundantly with God, with one another and with creation. For more information click here

BIBLE READING GROUP - Join our group on Tuesdays from 10.00-11.30am. Find a Bible to read from (you can use the Bible+ NRSV App on your phone) and join us in Church or online here.

ONLINE DISCIPLESHIP - The Greek word 'disciple' simply means learner. And you can learn a lot from the many wonderful resources online. Have a look here at some of the different resources available.

SHARING OUR TESTIMONIES - It's really important and can be such an encouragement to others, especially in these current days when there seems to be so much suffering and conflict in our world, to hear or read about how God has touched our lives whether it be in our everyday comings and goings or if we know we have been carried through a difficult time event or season of our lives. Here are some testimonies to God's love and His hand on our lives.
If you can witness to the love of God and His hand on your life and would be happy to share it with others on this website, either showing your name or anonymously, please contact Martine, our Vicar or Sue, our Church Administrator.