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Testimonies to God's faithfulness and love

We would like to post here little stories (anonymised, if you prefer) that share how our Christian faith has been a blessing to us and our family, in whatever way this has been experienced. We have all experienced God's blessings, so if you are happy to share one or more of your own experiences to encourage others, please email our vicar, Martine.

Simon writes ......
"Looking back on life ( as I have in my Memoirs) I can see how although I may have been disappointed or upset at the time at the turn life took, yet now I can see - in retrospect - God was fulfilling his purposes for my life. For example, there was a time when I was bitterly disappointed at the time that I could not become a ‘worker priest’, but actually it enabled me to train as and practice as a Spiritual Director, which is what I now spend a lot of my time very satisfyingly doing. Again, having had a desultory start at school, by the grace of God, and much prayer, I managed to obtain a place to study at Worcester College, Oxford.

John writes ......
I was (and still am, but am protected by the armour of faith) an addict - both drugs and alcohol and a fearful, shameful wreck. I had nowhere to go and no hope, I threw myself on my knees and begged God to save me, I have never been a believer and screamed for help, there were no flashing lights or miracles but gradually people came my way and I was guided to Holy Trinity in Wandsworth where I met people who introduced me to AA and a man came into my life who guided me through recovery. There is no doubt that God had a purpose for me and one day I was guided to turn up at St Michael's and it was all obvious, lots of little jobs that needed doing to spread the word. I can never repay God for saving my life (literally) - all I now have to do is turn up, express my gratitude through prayer and say yes when asked to help.
I spread this message to others when I am offered the opportunity as it is God who is directing me to do this.