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HoC - Roll of Honour - Stawell William Wade Garnett


Herman Morton Curths -- Thomas William Dodridge -- Stawell William Wade Garnett -- Geoffrey Damerel Gidley -- Robert Dudley Gidley

Stawell William Wade Garnett

Stawell William Wade Garnett was born on 13th June, 1871 in Kells, County Meath, the son of William and Sarah (Sally) Garnett. His father was a horse breeder and one of Stawell’s older brothers became a barrister while another was a Harley Street physician and surgeon. Stawell appears to have been the black sheep of his family, according to his great grandson. He attended Surrey County School, Cranleigh after which his father paid for him to attend ships’ training as a cadet on HMS Worcester from 1884 to 1886. From there he joined the Merchant Navy and eventually ended up in Australia and was well known throughout the Mildura district as a horse breeder like his father.

When war broke out, Stawell was 43, well above the Australian age for enlistment. Having been rejected in Mildura because of his age, Stawell rode about 250 miles to Bendigo where he enlisted in the 38th battalion of the Australian Infantry. He was given a position as Driver in the Transport section probably because of his skill with horses. Stawell was gassed in France and was repatriated to Australia where he died in Mildura on 20th July, 1918.

His connection with St Michael’s is via his mother and sister, Flossie, who had moved to 25 Ellesmere Road in the 1890’s. Sally, his mother, died in 1913 but Flossie continued to live there until her death in 1966.