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Chiswick's Brave Sons - The 1915 Chiswick Times Supplement

Lists of “Chiswick’s Brave Sons” in The Chiswick Times 11/9/1914 to 29/1/1915

Between these dates The Chiswick Times ran a feature in which the list of known local men who had joined up were updated on a weekly basis. Initially it was used to encourage others to join up and the last list on 29th January 1915 was an eight page glossy supplement to the regular paper.

In the 11th September edition and the week after, it appeared on pages 7 and 6 under the title of “Chiswick’s Brave Sons”. From 30th October 2014, until a title of “For the homeland – Chiswick Men who have responded to Britain’s call”. The list now appeared on page 2, taking up over five of the six page columns and replacing the regular useful information page. It became fully alphabetically sequenced and by the 20th November edition was starting to fill page 2 and the left most columns of page 3. By the end of December 1914, it took up the first two and part of the third column of page 3. It continued in this form through to the 22nd January edition, with 29th January Supplement being the last list of those joining up to date being published.

Front cover
List A - Dodd
List Dodd - Humphries
List Humpreys to Murphy
List Murphy to Westcott
List Wheals to Young and 'Club' lists
More 'Club' lists
Back cover

Our grateful acknowledgments to The Chiswick Times and the Local Studies section of Chiswick Library for their kind help in providing this material