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St Michael’s Retreat at Wychcroft: 4-6 October 2024

What is the Retreat?
A weekend away for 20-30 people (over the age of 16yrs) during which we will reflect on our faith together and have an afternoon of silence, waiting on God.

There are single rooms and double rooms for couples.

This year’s theme
"The Joy of Slow"
Life is fast and busy. In fact, life can be so fast and busy that it doesn’t feel like life at all. Come away for a weekend where we will put away our phones and our To Do lists and come alive – by simply being. And making space for God to be with us and bless us.

Where is the Retreat?
At Wychcroft, Bletchingley, Redhill, Surrey RH1 4NE - a Victorian house set in the heart of the Surrey countryside.

The facilities comprise a large lounge; a small meeting room; a comfortable library, with a good selection of theological books; a large dining room; a spacious hall; and a beautiful Chapel.

It takes about an hour to drive to Wychcroft from Chiswick via the M25 and lifts are available.

Further information about Wychcroft click HERE:

What is the programme?
Friday 4 October
• Tea and coffee on arrival
• Dinner
• Welcome and introduction
• The Putting Away of Phones
• Ignation meditation
• Night Prayer
Saturday 5 October
• Breakfast
• Morning Prayer
• Spiritual practice 1: Silence and solitude
• Coffee and biscuits
• Free time for going on an awareness walk
• Lunch
• Spiritual practice 2: Sabbath
• Free time for spiritual exercises
• Tea and cake
• Spiritual practice 3: Simplicity
• Dinner
• Spiritual practice 4: Slowing
• Free time for spiritual exercises
• Night Prayer
Sunday 6 October
• Breakfast
• Holy Communion
• Coffee and biscuits
• Feedback and group photo
• Lunch and depart

What do I need to bring?
• A watch – you won’t always have your phone!
• A journal for notes and sketches
• Comfortable clothes and walking shoes or boots
• We will be well fed, but any particular food or drink you might like: there is a Guest Pantry open at all times
• The weekend is not an opportunity for catching up on work or other things you need to do so don’t bring laptops, work projects, novels, magazines or books
• Bibles are provided in the rooms

Spiritual direction
There may be the opportunity to talk privately with one of the Retreat Leaders about where you are in your relationship with God

This conversation would be in confidence and its content not shared between the Retreat Leaders or with anyone else.

How much will it cost?
£200 per head. There are, however, bursary funds available. So, if you have financial concerns about coming, please speak either to the Vicar or Ian Peacock who will, in confidence, arrange funds to help you.

Retreat co-ordinator: Martine Oborne: 07805 928584
Retreat landline telephone: 01883 743041: 01883 743041

How to register
Please complete the form HERE The form is in microsoft word and will automatically download to your PC when you click the link. Then complete the form and give or send to Martine.

Or use this form to get in touch to ask about joining us