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We Remember ... Heroes of the Faith at St. Michael's - Arthur Wood Lawson

13 November 1896 - 3 October 1963

Arthur was born to Robert and Elizabeth Lawson in Harker near Carlisle, Cumberland in 1896. He married his wife Violette on 21 September 1920 at All Saints Church, South Acton and worked as an accountant.

He was treasurer of St Michael’s for 25 years. Arthur Lawson lived with his wife (who predeceased him by two years) in Sutton Court. He was clearly both diligent and effective. The Vicar, Rev Alan Richardson said at his funeral that ‘The financial matters of the church were never in better hands. I shall miss his ready counsel and wise handling of the parish income’.

Arthur Lawson’s life was a difficult life. He suffered from two physical disabilities, a chronic chest complaint and one of his legs was amputated at the knee. We do not know whether the amputation was the result of disease, accident or war injury.

He died in his sleep at his Chiswick home at the age of 66.