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We Remember ... Heroes of the Faith at St. Michael's - Theodora Stubings

6 June 1902 - 18 September 2000

Theodora Stubings was the mother of Chloe Belcham but was known throughout her large family as ‘Mummy Dear’. She was born in Derby and spent most of her married life in Maidenhead. Later she moved to Chiswick. Towards the end of her life, family gatherings in Chiswick had four generations seated around a table, eating food cooked in just the way mummy dear had always cooked it, chatting and drinking wine.

Even in her nineties, when she was getting frail physically, there remained a bright spark within her. She would send letters, postcards and small gifts to her great grandchildren and the telephone calls were regular, albeit conducted at high volume as her hearing deteriorated. She had a great sense of humour and her ‘bring and buy’ coffee mornings at her flat in Sutton Court (probably some fund-raising for St Michael’s) are still remembered fondly, especially her delicious and potent homemade wine, which was offered as an alternative to the coffee.

She worshipped at St Michael’s church for over 20 years, and her faith was very important to her. She was an expert at embroidery and made the beautiful festal Fall for the altar and all but one of the pulpit Falls. She had thought that the pulpit ‘looked a little bare’. She was a great friend of Michael Barney, who used to come for Christmas lunch and family parties.