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Sermon Hub

Here are a selection of previous sermons which we hope you will find interesting, challenging and inspiring!

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  • Daniel and the 'smashing rock' of hope


  • Loving our enemies
- **Thrones and Ashes** - **A severe mercy** - **Sleepwalking to disaster!** - **Running from your life**

Pentecost is not just the start of the Church, it's the start of every Christian

Knowing Jesus prays for you and living up to his prayers

Noah and Abraham and their Trees of Knowledge of Good and Evil by Revd Martine Oborne

How the story of the two trees in the Garden of Eden is the story of the whole Bible by Revd Martine Oborne

Why we need to rest and celebrate by Revd Martine Oborne

God's work faces opposition but prevails by REvd Gary Piper

The people had a mind to work by Revd Martine Oborne

Rebuilding God's Church by Revd Gary Piper

Fierce conversations! by Revd Martine Oborne

Nehemiah and how to pray to God by Revd Gary Piper

How to make a wiser world by Revd Martine Oborne

How our hopes and fears are met in Jesus by Revd Martine Oborne

O the desert will rejoice by Revd Gary Piper

Anoint me, astonish me, Lord! by Revd Martine Oborne

Beating swords into ploughshares by Revd Gary Piper

Imagine a world where Jesus is King by Sarah Tonks

The kingdom of God is WITHIN you.. by Revd Martine Oborne

Do justice, love kindness, walk humbly... by Revd Gary Piper

Zacchaeus shows us how to release all the goodness and generosity that is locked up inside us by Revd Martine Oborne

The pharisee and the tax collector by Steve Turner

O taste and see that the Lord is good... by Revd Martine Oborne

Jesus and the rich ruler by Revd Gary Piper

The way to abundance is through giving not getting by Revd Martine Oborne

Jesus calls even the shy and cynical by Revd Gary Piper

Does God really care about His lost sheep? by Revd Gary Piper

Pride is a killer by Revd Martine Oborne

Bringing hope to a valley of trouble in Zimbabwe... by Kate Hames

Conversion is the change Jesus brings to our lives by Revd Martine Oborne

Doubt is holy wrestling with God by Revd Martine Oborne

When we encounter Jesus, everything changes.. by Revd Martine Oborne

Why Jesus weeps over Jerusalem by Revd Gary Piper

Taking the opportunities to show love - knowing these opportunities may not always be there by Revd Martine Oborne

Being a safety net... by Sarah Tonks

We are forgiven! by Revd Gary Piper

We are not individuals, we are families! by Revd Martine Oborne

Knowing who you are in the eyes of God by Revd Gary Piper

Not forgiving is a form of self harm by Revd Martine Oborne

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? by Revd Martine Oborne

What it is to really know God by Revd Gary Piper

How to prosper - even in the worst of times by Revd Martine Oborne

Living the dream - yours or God's? by Revd Gary Piper

The pit is the place of transformation...

How God works with the most unpromising material... by Revd Gary Piper

Why Epiphany is an epiphany! by Revd Martine Oborne

When Jesus comes, he changes EVERYTHING! by Revd Martine Oborne

Make sure Jesus is at he heart of your Christmas! by Revd Gary Piper

What the prophets have to tell us today by Revd Gary Piper

Advent is not just about waiting for Christmas.. by Revd Martine Oborne

The pearl of great price by Revd Gary Piper

God has called you by name and made you his own... by the Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington

We will remember them - but not only ONE day a year... by Revd Martine Oborne

How God equips us for the Impossible by Sarah Tonks

What the Bible teaches us about giving by Daniel Blackwell

Finding our true purpose in life - what we can learn from Queen Esther.. by Revd Martine Oborne

Let the children come to me by Revd Gary Piper

Peter Oborne reads the whole of Mark's gospel

Don't bury the greatest gift you have by Revd Gary Piper

We don't see the half of what God is up to by Revd Martine Oborne

Fear and faithfulness by Revd Gary Piper

We can be the place where heaven touches earth! by Revd Martine Oborne

What it means to accept that God trusts us... by Revd Gary Piper

How small sins become monsters by Revd Martine Oborne

God is with us whether we know it or not by Revd Gary Piper

What it means to worship by Celestine Czapnik

Reclaim the lament! by Martine Oborne

How trust casts out fear](https://www.stmichaelschiswick.org/how-trust-casts-out-fear) by Martine Oborne

God cares more about our inside appearance than the outside and why that matters](https://www.stmichaelschiswick.org/untitled-7) by Martine Oborne

Only children and the child-like can hear God(https://www.stmichaelschiswick.org/untitled-5) by Martine Oborne

You can find many more by visiting our YouTube Channel and connecting with our Sunday morning services